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Elora Ring

Elora Ring

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Choosing her birthstone adds a special, personalized touch. It's a subtle way to showcase something meaningful to her.  The dainty design keeps the focus on the gemstone, allowing the sparkle of the baguette cut to make a statement without being overwhelming.
If you need help with the ring size for your finger, please confirm: SIZE GUIDE.


Please note that it will take 6-8 weeks to recive your personalized piece. Custom pieces have their own production time.

Materials and Dimensions

• Material: Stainless Steel + Zirconia
• Finish: 18K Gold Vermeil
• Can it be wear while shower: Yes

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  • Made for Everyday

  • Tarnish-Free

  • Water Resistant

  • Hypoallergenic Properties

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  • Gold Plated

    Our gold plated, composed of 5% gold and 95% jeweler’s brass, boasts lasting durability with 100 times more gold than plated options. Resistant to tarnishing, it's ideal for everyday wear, including gym sessions, showers, and sleep. Its hypoallergenic nature makes it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin, offering enduring style and comfort.
  • Sterling Silver

    Jewelry with a sterling silver base offers the best of both worlds: durability and elegance. Perfect for everyday wear, it's gym, shower, and sleep-friendly, with a hypoallergenic quality ideal for sensitive skin. Surprisingly, regular wear and exposure to water help prevent tarnishing, making it both stylish and low-maintenance.
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What should I do if I miss providing the custom name during my purchase?

Rest assured, if you happen to miss this step during your purchase, there's no need to worry. You can proceed with your order, and we'll get in touch with you via email to request the missing detail. Alternatively, you can directly send the information to

What customization options are available?

Our customization options may include engraving, selecting specific gemstones, choosing metal types (gold, silver, etc.), and other personalized details.

How long does it take to receive a customized order?

The production time for customized orders depends on the complexity of the requested modifications. Our customer support team will provide you with an estimated timeframe if you want, ensuring transparency throughout the customization process.

Can I return or exchange a customized piece?

Unfortunately, customized jewelry is typically not eligible for returns or exchanges, as it is tailored to your specific preferences. We recommend reviewing all customization details carefully before confirming your order.

What materials are used in Senya Jewelry?

Senya Jewelry is crafted using high-quality materials. We focus mostly in Stainless Steel pieces but we also work with sterling silver, gold, and gemstones. Each piece is carefully selected to ensure durability and elegance.

Are Senya Jewelry pieces waterproof?

Yes, Senya Jewelry pieces are designed with a high level of waterproof quality. While we advise against prolonged exposure to water and chemicals to ensure longevity, you can confidently wear your Senya Jewelry during everyday activities, including light water exposure. This feature adds to the versatility and durability of our pieces, allowing you to enjoy them in various settings.